The Philibert Kitchen is an authentic family Jamaican restaurant. Started with a powerful woman, Sandra Philibert. Her roots began a long time ago on the island of Jamaica W.I. Her passion for cooking started when she got a career in the culinary arts field. She cooked for hundreds of students that were attending the school in which she worked in. People that have met and had the chance to meet Sandra would offend say she is a motivator, loving, kind, but most of all a powerful daughter of Zion that will fight the devil Any chance she gets. Sandra is the mother of 4 children. Ricky, Kerry, kamal, and Kemar. The family migrated to the USA from the lovely island of Jamaica in the hope of a better life and education. Over the last few years after finding a home in Melbourne, Florida, Sandra has been battling breast cancer. This illness did not break her sprite, with the lord by her side and the love for her family she started to fight. With sprits high and not taken it as a disability, Sandra was able to ring her bell.


Kamal, Sandra’s 2nd to last son, watched his mom as she under go chemo. He knew that her passion and love for cooking was so deep, he decided to propose to his sibling a opportunity opening a kitchen to honor their mother’s passion. It was there way to help in her fight. Following his mother’s footsteps Kamal passion for the food industry was not too far off. With years of experience his years with years of experience in the restaurant industry Kamal started to work on PHILIBERT’S KITCHEN.


The passion for food was always within the family. Through cooking, Sandra was able to gain strength and motivation to help fight cancer. 


Today, Philibert’s Kitchen would love to share some of that delicious authentic Jamaican food with our Community. We strive to please every guest we serve. As we continue to serve the community, we know that our success comes from our customers, so we provide great customer service that keeps our neighbors coming back for more. Our mission is to stay true to Jamaican taste and quality. Philibert Kitchen started as a kitchen take-out, delivery, and catering services only. Once per month, the kitchen participates in a community outreach that feeds over 100 people who are in need, we also give back by donating to cancer charities. 


Come visit us and try our signature Jerk Chicken & Beef Oxtail Plate (our most popular selling combo). Other favorites include our Curried Goat, Curry Chicken, Vegetarian Dish, and freshly made Rasta Pasta with Jerk Chicken, Shrimp, or Oxtails.